13.04.2012 forum stadtpark – keller | graz

start 23:00
damage 5,-


digitron sound system (zagreb | hr)

duck pond crew

soundsystem inna origial dub style by digitron soundsystem


Digitron Sound System
Balkan Dub Defenders inna session

full soundsystem | full crew
concious messages | heavy basslines
roots education & dubwise meditation



Digitron is the first self build dub sound across Croatia and Balkans(ex-yugoslavia).
Made with the intention to promote and to educate people with traditional dub/reggae sound system culture.
Musicwise digitron is close to the sound of uk dub/steppas and is making heavy weight dub in their own studio.
For more information and purchase of music check jfx dubstore ( ).
We are also involved in promoting regular dub nights in Zagreb called Dub Temple and International dub meeting, also active in different festivals in Croatia.
Members of digitron were/are also playing in live dub bands called Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise, and are ready to promote dub vibes internationally! online showcase of musical production

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