duck pond inna soundsystem style

13.04.2012 forum stadtpark – keller | graz

start 23:00
damage 5,-


digitron sound system (zagreb | hr)

duck pond crew

soundsystem inna origial dub style by digitron soundsystem


Digitron Sound System
Balkan Dub Defenders inna session

full soundsystem | full crew
concious messages | heavy basslines
roots education & dubwise meditation



Digitron is the first self build dub sound across Croatia and Balkans(ex-yugoslavia).
Made with the intention to promote and to educate people with traditional dub/reggae sound system culture.
Musicwise digitron is close to the sound of uk dub/steppas and is making heavy weight dub in their own studio.
For more information and purchase of music check jfx dubstore ( ).
We are also involved in promoting regular dub nights in Zagreb called Dub Temple and International dub meeting, also active in different festivals in Croatia.
Members of digitron were/are also playing in live dub bands called Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise, and are ready to promote dub vibes internationally! online showcase of musical production

About Duck Pond Crew

Duck Pond is a group of young motivated artists and musicians, tryin to push roots and culture in our city, Graz. In our free time we organise partys, where we present upcoming artist from austria and some international artist. We are not stuck on a special sound but we are somewhere around roots, dub, dubstep ..... Keep the variety alive! Don´t forget to support your local DuckPond ! :) Peace DuckPond is music: neurologic subscientist kulix ib..noze visual/video - art: rec7 graphix/design: ?thequestionmark? supporters: roundhousekick@yourface shantibaba elsalvador
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